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At the end of November, we visited with many of the small group leaders overseen by Rachael and Shiku in Nairobi, Kenya. Many of them we had not seen in four years and many more we’d never met before. 

Tamrat and I asked them to sit in a circle and share what’s happening in their groups. No one was bashful to do so. Each one eagerly opened up about his or her group. We laughed and were thrilled to hear what’s happening in their groups. We heard of some groups who were surrounding members who were in dire need of help, physically and financially. We heard of one group that was helpful in teaching a member how to drive. In summary, we heard story after story of the most amazing life-on-life experiences within the group. And, we didn’t hear of any great discouragement within the groups. 

The recurring theme we heard was that each of the groups feel closer to one another than they do with their own family members. This was a terrific thing to observe and was even more well received as we thought of Jesus’ experience with his own family. 

Luke shares a fascinating story: And His mother and brothers came to Him, and they were unable to get to Him because of the crowd.And it was reported to Him, “Your mother and Your brothers are standing outside, wishing to see You.”But He answered and said to them,”My mother and My brothers are thesewho hear the word of God and do it.”(Luke 8) 

NOTE what’s happening here. Jesus’ blood family members are waiting outside and Jesus takes opportunity to redefine family. He says: “My mother and My brothers are thesewho hear the word of God and do it.”I love this so much! Jesus redefines his family members as those who hear his words and practice them. He’s saying the same things we heard from these small groups leaders that night. Our family consists of those who are around the room in our group, experiencing life together! Tell me, in your experience, who are your family members? Are they only your blood line or are they the followers of Jesus with whom you are experiencing life on life?

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