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“If you love me, you will keep my commandments.”Literally, this is better said, “If you keep on loving me, you will keep on keeping my commandments.” (John 14:15) Jesus uses an interesting word for “commandments” here. Another way to say it would be “keep my prescription for life.” We spend lots of time speaking and singing about God’s love for us and our need to love one another, but Jesus introduces a new dimension to our relationship with him. Jesus wants your love for him-a heart-felt, full of gratitude, love for him. He is serious about having a two-way relationship-daily and moment-by-moment-a best friend relationship!

An even more direct illustration of this is found in John 21, when the disciples were out fishing after his resurrection. They weren’t very successful that night. Jesus showed up on the shore and yelled out, “Are you catching any fish?” After they answered in the negative, he suggested they cast the nets on the other side of the boat. Their catch was overwhelming to the point of breaking the nets. When they realized this was Jesus on the shore, they made their way to him. As they got to shore they saw Jesus cooking some fish, waiting for them. Now, here are the disciples who must be overwhelmed with guilt for abandoning Jesus during his time of need (especially did Peter feel some guilt for denying Jesus 3 times during the night as Jesus warned him would happen).

Now, they are faced with an amazing encounter with Jesus. He turns to Peter and asks him only one thing. He doesn’t mention any guilt or lack of commitment. He doesn’t say, “I told you so!” No, Jesus was interested in only one thing-DO YOU LOVE ME? At first, Peter must have been relieved with this question, but Jesus became even more intense with Peter over this issue and asked this question to Peter two more times. DO YOU LOVE ME? Do you love me?

In your case right now, Jesus isn’t concerned with your performance or your theological perspective as much as he is with your love for him. He is still asking the same question to you today: DO YOU LOVE ME? DO YOU LOVE ME? Then, keep on keeping my commandments!

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