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Trust, Take a stand, and now we come to the 3rd action-step-KNOWLEDGE. This is the second quality to be added to your faith in this beautiful symphony of your spiritual life. I don’t think Peter is talking so much about “knowing God” here. That’s part of the basis that comes with faith. Here he’s talking about experiential knowledge of how to live the Jesus lifestyle. There are two kinds of knowledge. One has to do with detail, facts, and information. This knowledge was used for spouting, not for spiritual growth and development. This knowledge never seemed to personally penetrate the heart-not the spouter (that would be me) and not the spoutee (the intended target of my spouting).
A few years ago, I conducted a memorial service for a friend of mine who had been widely known in the Newport Beach social and business circles as an atheist. Bill and I became friends and met weekly. He called them the “born-againers”, yet he was totally fascinated with Jesus without religious baggage.
The ‘born-againers” spouted their verses and clich├ęs and were most offensive to Bill and so many others. The end of the story is that Jesus transformed Bill’s heart as he and I studied the teachings of Jesus together. Bill actually experienced the new birth without the ability and propensity to spout. It was a beautiful thing!
At Bill’s memorial service, a prominent, internationally known businessman, came up to me afterward and said, “I’d like to know the same Jesus Bill got to know.” And, just at that moment, a “born-againer” interrupted our conversation, spouting that this new enquirer needed to “confess his sins and ask Jesus into his heart right there”. Not only was her knowledge inaccurate and ill timed; her spouting was most offensive! This man quickly said, “I’ve heard your way and don’t like it. I’m going with what I heard today about getting to know Jesus.”
Knowledge is one of the words used to define wisdom in the 7 pillars of wisdom in the Proverbs. It has two dimensions to it. 1) To gather data-to perceive something. 2) To grasp it for yourself-to possess something and embrace it personally. This is the 3rd practice-TO GRASP the knowledge of God in such a way that you are able to experience it in your life daily.
The Creator-God is all about relationship. We’re not left to our own devices to figure out how to relate to a mystical “God” in the sky, but we have been given a flesh and blood, personal, example in Jesus. It’s not enough to know a lot about Jesus-data, facts, and information. Get to know Jesus personally-data, facts and transformation. Grasp Jesus for yourself today!




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