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For most of my life I’ve been convinced that Jesus was serious about making disciples. Making disciples is Jesus’ mandate for all who choose to follow in his steps.

BUT, along with most everyone else I was confused about how to make disciples of Jesus. The ever-popular thinking about discipleship is that it is the passing along of information-either teaching one on one or teaching in a group. Discipleship doesn’t happen in a Bible study, no matter how good the teaching is.

Check out the small group studies that are available right now. The end game is not to make people followers of Jesus. The predominant themes are how to become a more productive Church member or to become a better or more knowledgeable Christian.

I never really understood the revolutionary, life-changing, dynamic of making disciples, until I met Tamrat. Tamrat was an atheist and communist who built an army of 150,000 to overthrow the largest army in all of Africa. This powerful army was built and held together by a communist curriculum, written by Tamrat for the revolutionary, communist cell groups.

After serving five years as Prime Minister of Ethiopia and being betrayed by his friends, Jesus found Tamrat in his 5th year in political prison and set him up to study the Scriptures about Jesus for the next 7 years in solitary confinement. The communists stole the methods of Jesus and Tamrat embraced them well. NOW, Tamrat and I have teamed up to build another “army”, this time, the dynamic is Jesus. This unique Jesus curriculum is all about small group discipleship-and it works!

If you want to make disciples of Jesus, then don’t use another Church growth study or even another Bible study. Why not use a revolutionary, Jesus curriculum to make disciples of Jesus? Check it out for yourself and your group: THE WAY Volume I: PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION.

FINALLY, after publishing 14 books, this is the most significant experience ever for me! We began shipping to leaders today in over 60 countries! FINALLY, it’s all about making disciples of Jesus, the Jesus way!




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