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Below you may have seen pictures of Embu. It started out with a delightful visit to an orphanage. Yes, an elephant orphanage. It was heart warming to see these youngsters being taken care of and running for their bottles.
After that we drove to a women’s conference. It was not like any women’s I’ve seen. Each lady walked miles from their villages. They were brightly dressed and eager to dance. The Vice president’s wife was there with lots of security.

We then were guests at an all boys academy. 800 young polite, full of energy boys each carried their chairs into the gathering. They had a band that rocked like I’ve never heard. We met with the young leaders that are starting small groups. They get the message of Jesus and are eager to walk together. Hallelujah!

We had a great experience in Kenya at Tim’s reception speaking at a Tuesday night study in a cinema in downtown with some 800 young people. It was an amazing reception. I will say getting there was a little frightful for me. The traffic and poverty was alarming for me. Jesus was everywhere however and I should realize this when I feel this way. We had many meetings with so many small groups and wanting to start new small groups. They are so eager and the books we brought are like gold.

A highlight for me was the thrill of being on TV with Tim. A station that has an audience of 30 million viewers. We had to get up so early and I was so sleepy that I was not nervous and did well. Sometimes things just work out. With so many experiences and a heart full of blessings we had to leave our new best friends and roommates Rachael and Shiku. They are two of the most amazing women with over 450 people organized in small groups and are walking together. Their hearts are purely following Jesus and having a lot of fun doing it. They are our friends forever.

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