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I want to share five ways Jesus proves he cannot be fit into a box of any kind: FIRST-He wasn’t like any other kind of king ever. All of the kings of the earth have asked their subjects to die for them. Jesus is the only king who ever died for his followers. No king such as this can fit into any man-made box.
SECOND-He was unorthodox in his methods of operation. The most unique method was his way of launching a movement. Most would do everything possible to find ways to persuade the masses to change their ways. Jesus did just the opposite. He set out to launch a global movement by selecting 3 men to come and be with him-to change the world. Although Jesus did some amazing things with extremely large groups, for the most part he chose to avoid the crowds.
THIRD-Jesus’ teachings were revolutionary and unprecedented. He taught that it was better to give than to receive. He taught to pay more attention to your heart than to your actions. But the most revolutionary teaching of all was how to eliminate your enemies. He taught his followers to love their enemies, thereby eradicating their enemy status.
FOURTH-Jesus had a Kingdom strategy that would never fit into anyone’s thinking-anyone’s box. At the peak of his popularity Jesus announces his Kingdom strategy. It was to die to demonstrate sacrificial love. By dying on the Roman cross Jesus turned the Roman symbol of domination and power inside out and upside down into a symbol of sacrificial love. This is too magnanimous for any box!
FIFTH-He preferred the disenfranchised, the broken and the poor-not the religious, but the sinners-not the powerful, but the poor. His blueprint for global revolution rests with ordinary, uneducated people.
Jesus’ teachings, methods, focus and actions are just too awesome-too God-like-to ever fit into anyone’s box. You know what seems to make the most sense here? Don’t even attempt to place Jesus in a box. He doesn’t fit and will be sure to jump out or break down its walls. SECRET #52 is: The follower of Jesus knows his Master does not fit into any box.




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