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Diana and Tim Timmons

Tim is an internationally known author, speaker, and mentor to thousands. He is the author of 14 best-selling books and presently produces a daily podcast/blog that is received by nearly 100,000 people in over 100 nations.

Presently Tim and his wife, Diana, are working in the area of leadership development with the powerful and the poor of our world. They are as comfortable sitting with a King, President, Senator, and Ambassador as they are with the poorest of the poor. Using their friendships with national and international leaders, Tim and Diana are able to make a significant impact upon the poorest of the poor in the various cultures. They are investing their lives and energies toward promoting spiritual revolution. One of their passions is to empower the youth of the world through establishing mentoring houses in the 7 primary cultures of the world—Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Atheist/Agnostic, and the Animists.

Most recently, Tim was asked to head up a delegation of leaders from around the world to visit the Vatican to support and encourage the fresh and simple message of Jesus by Pope Francis and his team of Cardinals. This dynamic delegation was treated to a private audience with Pope Francis. His relationship with the Vatican will continue in the spirit of unity, reconciliation, and renewal in Jesus, as Tim acts as a Vatican liaison for the non-Catholic and non-Christian world leaders. This Vatican partnership is extremely rare, since Tim is not a member of the Roman Catholic Church.

Tim was also invited by the Dalai Lama to speak to several hundred clerics from all over the world. All in attendance—Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, Christian, and Jewish leaders from all over the world, enthusiastically received Tim’s unique message of Jesus without religious baggage.

Tim’s work among the Tibetan youth in northern India is revolutionary and quickly spreading into other nations. The House of Peace among the Tibetans in northern India has become a global model for nations everywhere. The strategy is to take youth (18-25) who are lost and disenfranchised in the society and turn them into productive citizens for the nation. This transformation happens through the mentoring process and it is powerful. The first 8 who came through the Tibetan mentoring House of Peace were given positions of Ambassadors with the Tibetan world. They are called “Ambassadors to the Poor in the Spirit of Jesus of Nazareth.”

Tim has enjoyed widespread acceptance within the corporate world. He has spoken on the largest platforms to audiences of 3000 to 35,000 with Success Seminars and Get Motivated. He traveled with Zig Ziglar for several years, along with Tom Hopkins, General Colin Powell, Barbara Bush, and Phil Town, to name a few. He has frequently keynoted at the President’s National Prayer Breakfast, where representatives from 160 nations come together each year. He has conducted YPO Forums, spoken at YPO Universities, and led workshops for Citibank, Xerox Corporation, Disneyland Executives, National Civic Clubs, Real Estate Sales Conferences, and a variety of Insurance Companies.

Tim is presently writing mentoring and training materials that can be used in every culture to make a positive difference in each nation. As youth are mentored to embrace character as their primary leadership quality, corruption has little chance to survive.

Tim’s work with the Millennial Generation and their parents is revolutionary in itself. The largest and most educated generation ever wants to change the world and believes they will. Tim is fueling that conversation in a most unique way!

“Timmons has a way of slipping you the raw truth about yourself and you end up loving it!”

Tim and Diana have 5 children, 16 grandchildren, and live in Newport Beach, California.