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Diana came alive among the mentors at the Uganda Jesus Gathering; she took her enthusiasm to another level in Kenya!  I’ve never known her to be so happy & fulfilled!  I LOVE HER AS MY BEST FRIEND & PARTNER!!!

3 Responses to Our Journey in Ethiopia

  1. José:Has dado con uno de los errores más comunes de la gente que se acerca a GTD por primera vez: pensar que GTD es sintmemelpe una colección de trucos. Lo es, pero esa es sola una parte de la historia. Hay muchos otros detalles y sutilizas que aprender para sacarle el máximo provecho.

  2. Siiii, mejor vivir en la inopia, además para que te digan que ajo y agua a todo, mejor la sanidad pública, que también la pagamos, aunque intenten hacernos sentir que no. Saludos a tu dulce de leche, tiene pinta de ser un cielo.

  3. It doesn’t appear to be the Air Force’s idea. They are looking into it because Sen. Domenici and Craig asked them to.Frankly, I’m not seeing the logic. There is no compelling need domestically. The US grid is pretty reliable and any mission critical loads could be supplied temporarily with generators just like hospitals do. For any number of reasons building one on a foreign base would be horrendously problematic. At least subs and carriers can be asked to leave. How would a country tell the Air Force to go and take its 100 MW power plant with it?

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