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In order to effectively bring the Good News of Jesus to a world filled with hurt we have found that we must operate in a fellowship! We are a group of people who are interested in walking, thinking, loving and talking like Jesus. We have come alongside one another in order to ...


We work with families, children, millennials, leaders, governments and communities throughout the World. We want to bring the Jesus’ message of reconciliation and freedom to individuals everywhere! Our approach is not religious, political or commercial, but simply the model of Jesus’ lifestyle and teachings.

Upcoming News and Events

June 2016:
The new study THE WAY Volume I: PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION will be released and we are so excited to be distributing this out to communities around the World. This study is written by Tim Timmons and Tamrat Layne, Former Prime Minister of Ethiopia.

Tim Timmons new website is launched which gives people the tools and resources to daily walk with Jesus and their community.

Tim and Tamrat will be traveling to Thailand and the Philippines this month to speak and distribute THE WAY to communities and churches.

July 2016:
Tim and Diana Timmons will be traveling to various countries throughout Africa to distribute to small group communities THE WAY Volume I: PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION. Also, they will be in Ethiopia to help out the orphanage they support called Life Center Ethiopia.